The Crew

Mental Advisory Implicit Lyrics is a super-powered alliance of hip-hoppers, originally founded in Cambridge, MA by Dolio the Sleuth, Ivan, and Atlas. Currently based out of Philadelphia, it has now grown to be a collective of MCs, DJs, and artists from Pensacola, Brooklyn, the Bronx, St. Louis, Philadelphia, San Diego, Mexico, and Bermuda.

Members Dolio the Sleuth and R-Son the Voice of Reason are currently rocking the mics with Gangstagrass, the Emmy-nominated brainchild of the artist and producer Rench.

Dolio the Sleuth

Shortly after his arrival on the planet, T'Nar Udoi Lod found his human host. A being of pure energy, he inhabits the mind of his host organism, (In this case the human known as D. Sleuth) feeding off of ambient electricity and kinetic energy generated by his host sustaining through a delicate symbiosis. Neither controls the other, but their combined effort reveals what most Earthlings would consider "super powers".



Born in the Helix Nebula, Ivan is the current custodian of the interstellar medium. His earthly power over fire and ice is an unintentional result of his current celestial charge, plotting the orbital intersections of stars and comets. Ivan's experiences on earth have taught him the breadth of human emotion, which he tempers with cosmic wisdom. He is a cosmic historian and galactic activist.

The Atlas

Since the dawn of time, there have been mysteries that man is not meant to comprehend. The @t may well be one of them. No one can really say where he came from, he would say he comes from the earth... As the story goes, Atlas was discovered in a back alley in Brooklyn as an infant. A young couple on a date were walking down the street when they heard a loud crash. It was Atlas, playing with dumpsters, giggling and gurgling as he slammed dumpsters against the wall with his mind. As a boy he learned that he could control his powers of levitation,and much more.